Company Profile

Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH is a company of the newly developing industry of plant biotechnology; its mission comprises the optimum utilization of plants for industrial production processes. Depending on the individual goal, plants are employed as raw material (renewable resource), as a production organism or as a prototype for process innovations (bionics and synthetic biology). In particular, we have developed extensive expertise in the field of harnessing enzymes for value-adding biosyntheses and genes for microbial biosyntheses in order to enable our clients to benefit from the broad spectrum of enzymatic reactions in plants, also in the area of enzymes, fermentation and strain improvement. Through in-house research as well as client commissions our second platform technology, protoplast fusion, has enjoyed the accumulation of a vast knowledge base on electro-fusion and regeneration of plant protoplasts over the past 15 years, which is geared towards the amelioration of plant breeding.

As a spin-off from the Max-Planck-Institute for Plant Breeding Research (Max-Planck-Institut für Pflanzenzüchtungs­forschung; MPIPZ) the success of the company relies on the know-how and enthusiasm of its staff and shareholders as well as on a global portfolios with clients and license holders from Japan, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Israel and Europe.


Major R&D Projects:
1997 - 2008 Contract on strawberry breeding with a Japanese Breeder
2002 - 2004 Optomize - EU research project on tomato transformation
2006 - 2009 WizPlant - Israelian-German Project on Carotinoid production
2006 - 2013 Contract on breeding of fodder plants with a New Zealand breeder (Somatic hybridization)
2009 - 2012 Contract on breeding of ornamental plants with a Dutch breeder (Somatic hybridization)
2009 - 2014 SynRg - BMELV project on the use of plant oils for polymer production
(Coordinator and scientific contribution in a project with 15 partners)
2012 - 2016 EpiTraits . EU ITN project on epigenetic of plants
2014 - 2020 Horizon2020, Biobased Industries Consortium (BIC / BRIDGE),
Value Chains VC2 "Forestry" and VC3 "Agro-based"
Conference organization:
2003 – 2004 Organisation of ABIC2004, P. Welters, Chairman of ABIC2004, Cologne
in 2006 Organisation of Workshop “Stem Cells in Plant Biotechnology – Industrial Use and Scientific Value” at BIO 2006, Chicago
2007 - 2008 Organisation of SOL2008, an international conference on Solanaceae in Cologne
in 2013 1st Forum of Entrepreneurs, Agrobusiness - a powerful future, Nettetal
Since 2006 Annual Symposium in cooperation with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce on Industrial Plant Biotechnology, Cologne
1997 Innovation and Foundation prize of TZ Niederrhein, of journal WAZ and Sparkasse Krefeld
1998 StartUp Businessplan-Award, finished 2nd in state-wide competition organized by the journal Stern, McKinsey and the association of saving-bank
2002 Manfred-Timmermanns-Medaille, CDU small and medium-sized businesses and trade association
2007 Prize in Federal Ministry of Education and Research-BioIndustry2021-Competition with Phytowelt GreenTechnologies as founder of CLIB2021
2007 Award for Innovation of Chamber of Industry and Commerce Mittlerer Niederrhein (finished 3rd, phytodiversity)
2008 Winner in research competition of Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection with Phytowelt GreenTechnologies as coordinator of research association SynRg
2010 Innovation prize of Chamber of Industry and Commerce Mittlerer Niederrhein (finished 6th, phytomining)
2012 Award for Clean Energy Innovation 2012 (DCTI, German CleanTech Institute, Bonn)
2012/2013 Finalist for the Innovation Award of the German Industry, category SME "Innovationspreis der deutschen Wirtschaft", Kategorie Mittelstand)