Phytowelt GreenTechnologies

is a globally active contract R&D company whose core businesses are plant biotechnology and agricultural science. Our services and research processes build a bridge between white and green biotechnology and tap the potential of plant biodiversity for the introduction of sustainable production processes out of renewable resources true to our motto:

phytoplus® – added value in and out of plants”

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Nettetal's 1st Companies' Talk
concerning Vertical Farming with State Secretary Horzetzky (MWEIMH) and Mayor Wagner on Castle Krickenbeck in June 2013

Our knowledge about secondary plant metabolites, their biosynthesis and the involved enzymes and encoding genes as well as our unique way to produce them in micro-organisms is the key to our success. Complemented with our expertise to improve plants as renewable resource for bioenergy and biomaterials by protoplast fusion, we are ready to give you the best solution for your way to a green, clean and renewable production process.