Phytowelt News » Impressive talk of Dr. Peter Welters on annual conference of AGD (Association for Gene Diagnostic) on September 22 and 23, 2006


10/22/2006, Phytowelt Nettetal / Köln

Dr. Peter Welters, CEO of Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH, was invited by the board of directors of AGD to give a talk on the occasion of the annual conference in Cologne on September 23, 2006. His talk was entitled “Biodiversity of Mint Plants for the Production of Renewable Substances for the Chemical Industry” and was well received by the audience.

“Our intention is to bridge white and green biotechnology”, said Peter Welters and showed how mint plants can produce a whole range of different monoterpenes as a basis for numerous chemical and industrial applications. So the decisive role of green biotechnology in times in which an increased sustainability of industrial raw materials is required, could be confirmed. Mint pastilles distributed to the audience by Peter Welters before his talk were well received and underlined the popularity of the well-known monoterpene, menthol, extracted from mint.

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