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08/01/2015, Phytowelt Nettetal / Köln

Conference on Epigenetic & Chromatin Regulation of Plant Traits

Epigenetic modifications of DNA and chromatin affect the activity of genes. These phenomena have fascinated scientists for many years, because they do not conform to the rules of Mendelian genetics and cannot be explained by the order of nucleotides in the DNA sequence. Millions of base pairs and thousands of genes are simply not enough.  Plants are a unique model to study epigenetic mechanisms. They are deprived of the ability to move, which they compensate by swift and effective reaction to stimuli, resulting in tailored changes in gene expression.  This meeting will focus on multidisciplinary attempts to understand how epigenetic regulation casts the expression of genes into plant traits. The speakers will bring the audience closer to answering the questions of how chromatin is influencing plant reproduction, stem cells and stress reaction, what the impact of nuclear organization is, and how epigenomic maps and large-scale modelling projects can help in the endeavour to understand the role of epigenetics in shaping plant phenotypes.

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