• modular service package for primary enzyme development
  • covers gene discovery to enzyme evaluation
  • allows the exploitation of the plant gene pool for fermentation and biocatalysis
  • links plant and industrial biotechnology
Your Prime Source for Enzymes
especially from plants!

Plants have been in use for thousands of years as valuable source for energy, nutrition, medication, cosmetics and other commodities of human society. With phytomining we are providing the means to bring this utilization to a new level, as it routinely uses and exploits plant genetic resources (gene pool) to provide our customers with unique and novel biocatalists, e.g. in the class of P450 monooxygenases for terpene modification.

In order to shift petro-chemical processes to a renewable resource based chemistry, fermentation of microbes with plant material as carbon source has been regarded as the only viable solution by the chemical industry.
But chemical production processes are already being optimized by the increased use of plant enzymes and secondary metabolites. E.g. small molecule drugs (SMDs) and fine chemicals are produced by plant derived compounds. Especially the synthesis of stereochemically demanding products or the production of highest quality grade chemicals such as steroid hormones from plant sterols is only possible because of plant enzymes or the availability of complex plant metabolites. Reducing the number of process steps and involving alternative resources result in saving energy and an increase of efficiency and sustainability.

Fig.1: In a cascade of five bacterial carotenoid biosynthetic enzymes one was replaced by a plant homologue, thus leading to 5- to 6-fold higher carotinoid production under otherwise identical conditions.

With phytomining Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH addresses the increasing enzyme demand and offers a modular service package aiming at serving customers as a one-stop-shop for their enzyme needs.

Through combination of expertises in gene and enzyme identification, heterologous enzyme expression in recombinant systems, and enzyme analytics phytomining covers all steps from gene discovery to biochemical enzyme characterization.

Our integrative phytomining approach offers the opportunity to increase the efficiency of current production processes, e.g. by complementing chemical production lines with a suitable biocatalysis step, or implementing completely new and innovative fermentation processes through the use of plant genes.

Phytowelt’s approach unlocks the huge potential of plant biodiversity for our clients. The targeted and efficient system of phytomining opens an elegant way to exploit up-to-date know-how in genomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics. phytomining complements HTS approaches like metagenome screening through its intelligent, knowledge based and targeted selection.