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Plants have been in use for thousands of years as valuable source for energy, nutrition, medication, cosmetics and other commodities of human society. With phytomining we are providing the means to bring this utilization to a new level, as it routinely uses and exploits plant genetic resources (gene pool) to provide our customers with unique and novel biocatalists, e.g. in the class of P450 monooxygenases for terpene modification.

phytoplus® – added value in and out of plants”

In order to shift petro-chemical processes to a renewable resource based chemistry, fermentation of microbes with plant material as carbon source has been regarded as the only viable solution by the chemical industry.
But chemical production processes are already being optimized by the increased use of plant enzymes and secondary metabolites. E.g. small molecule drugs (SMDs) and fine chemicals are produced by plant derived compounds. Especially the synthesis of stereochemically demanding products or the production of highest quality grade chemicals such as steroid hormones from plant sterols is only possible because of plant enzymes or the availability of complex plant metabolites. Reducing the number of process steps and involving alternative resources result in saving energy and an increase of efficiency and sustainability.

Plant- and Process Optimization